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Advice from an experienced twitcher

PostPosted: June 4th, 2006, 2:32 pm
by Gus
Just thought I'd tell all of you fellow BFS-sufferers what helped me:
I started working out at the gym! First I have to say that I do not have these cramps that so many of you talk about, and that training maybe isn't such a good advice if you have them..?
But for me...I had these weird, perceived-weekness feelings in both my arms and sometimes in my feet, and I twitched like crazy - almost every minute of the day (not to mention in the mornings...) And I had thousands of other symptoms as well...
I had been like this for 7-8 months and felt like that my body really deteriorated, but all the doctors said I was fine. Well, in the end I just HAD to do something, so I started training. After the first lesson my arms trembled so much I couldn't lift them up, and of course I thought that this was just more evidence of a bad disease. But thereafter - I gradually improved!!
I still twitch, but there are days I hardly notice them (an impossible thought just a few months ago). And my arms and feet are much better too. Of course I have bad days, but the good days come more often now.
I lift weights, cycle, take aerobic-lessons - maybe 4-5 times per week.

You non-cramping BFS'ers should try it, it's amazing how it worked for me. If not for anything else, it's good for your mental state - just to know that you are still able to work out :)

Good luck!