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non-scrip anxiety remedies i have found helpful!!

PostPosted: May 1st, 2006, 2:38 pm
by mel
hey all,

don't know if it is the placebo effect or what, but i don't really care. my homeopath had recommended a couple things for the mega anxiety i have been going through, and they seem to be helping so i thought i would share. i have mentioned in other posts that i REALLY wanted to stay away from any more prescription meds in my body to futher wack it out.

i am taking 3 tablets of ignacia (not echinacea :) ) 3 x day dissolved under the tongue. (got rid of the drops in alchohol suspension 'cause i felt like the alchohol was aggrivating twitching - strong effects of alchohol for me :cry:

also taking 2 tablets of DMG (kind of alternating between the ignacia) 2x day dissoved under the tongue. my homeopath uses this for panic attacks, it is also good for many other things including neurotranmission, so he said it could conceivably help with twitching too. i think it is an amino acid.

i have really felt a big reduction in stress using these. they are available in health food stores and not very expensive at all. i also take .5 mg klonopin to sleep at night which i have been assured they will not interact badly with (and have not). i hope to eventually wean myself off the klonopin and replace it with the ignacia, which is also commonly used as a sleep aid.

hope this helps someone :)