Having some success :)

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Having some success :)

Postby Silas1066 on January 5th, 2006, 4:59 pm

O.K. after 3 1/2 months of twitching, I seem to be having some success.

Sure, I still twitch, but I have days now where there is virtually no twitching -unlike a couple months ago, when I had twitching all over the place, all day long.

Here is what I am doing...

1. Intensive regular exercise 3-4 times a week minimum. If my legs are twtching, I get into the gym and start doing leg presses, incrementing the weight every time. When I first started, I was pressing 180 pounds. Now I am pressing almost 400. Then I do calf extensions, bench press, etc. But I really focus on the legs.
2. Ditch the booze. It makes the twitching worse, especially the next day.
3. Stretching
4. hot baths
5. keeping busy
6. focus on something else -do NOT focus on the twitches.

I'm going through some asthma issues right now, so I'm pretty focused on that. It gets top billing over the twitching.

But it is the exercise that is the key. Not just mild exercise a couple times a week. Intensive exercise! After doing this for a few weeks, the cramping was reduced 90%+.

So don't despair. If I can have twitch free days, it means that this thing isn't progressive or never ending, and since I'm getting stronger, it has nothing to do with neurological diseases, etc.
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Having some success :)



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