I want to hug you all!!!!

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I want to hug you all!!!!

Postby Mimmi on April 13th, 2003, 7:32 am


I am so grateful that you all take time and write to me!!! I feel so lonely with my twitches, anxiety and all that follows from this. I isolate myself more and more because I feel like a burden to family and friends , that are SOO tired of me and my constant need to talk about this. They can not understand what I am going through, and I understand that it is impossible for a person that do not have these symptoms to understand. And I understand that I am a "difficult" person to deal with. The most sad thing is that I am not able to take care of my daughter in a proper way (she use to live with me every second week, me and her father are divorced since several years). That feels very sad in a mother´s heart...

I am so happy that I have found you all! Feel free to contact me when ever you like! If some of you want to e-mail me, just tell me!!

Hugs from Mimmi
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Hi again!!

Postby reneeintx on April 13th, 2003, 12:10 pm

Hello Mimmi :)

I too feel very isolated and lonely sometimes. I wish I knew another person( that I could talk to face to face) that had twitches. I don't talk about it to my family or friends... they don't understand :( I've had this sh** since December and I have to watch what I say to people. I have withdrawn from the few friends I have as I don't want to bring them down by telling them my problems. I have 3 sisters and I don't talk about this to them either. You see all three are registered nurses and they deal with illness and death on a daily basis and I don't want them to sit down from a long day at work and receive a call from me about my fears of ALS, twitching or dying.

I've been on antidepressants for 9 years. Sometimes I don't feel like a good mother( I have 2 sons) either because my fears, panic attacks and obsessions consume my whole life. I have a husband to help and I know you are a single mom(your situation is much harder). My sons think the world of their dad...he never complains, easy going, has always provided for us. Then there's ME...moodiness, panic attacks, depression and now twitching. Boy if we ever got a divorce it would be easy for them to decide who to be with :( You see if I wasn't married I couldn't emotionally be there for them...I would crack....I wish I wasn't like this. I'm going to wean myself off prozac I don't feel it's doing a dam* thing for me... maybe over time my body got used to it and doesn't respond to it anymore :cry: So you see our lives aren't much different from eachothers. I feel like I'm in a round room searching for the corners...

Take care mimmi,

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Hi again!!



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