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Question about EMG, and also herpes virus

PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 2:04 pm
by Katie
Hi everyone,

Still twitching here. Today my left pinky toe is tingling. I went to my neuro today and he said it's a good idea to have an EMG done. He was putting it off [to see if I got better first] because he said it could be quite painful. Could anyone here tell me their experience with it? I'm a little nervous.

One other thing. I have gotten mouth cold sores [herpes simplex 1 virus] since I was a kid. But they only came out when I had too much exposure to the sun or I was just about to get a bad cold. Since I've been twitching [6 months] I'm getting them all the time. I read something that Arron wrote about the twitching possibly being related to the herpes virus. It just seems weird to me that I'm getting these cold sores about every month now and I hadn't had one previously in over two years. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the help.

PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 4:43 pm
by Arron
Hi Katie, I said something to the effect that some people believe BFS might be related to the Herpes virus, but with something like 1 in 4, or 1 in 3 people carrying the Genital Herpes virus alone and probably WAY more than that with other forms (Chicken Pox, cold sores, etc. are all herpes), it is like saying that the common cold might be the cause of BFS, because so many people with BFS also get the common cold.

I honestly don't think they are related but who knows??? You might just have a down immune system right now and not even know it or show signs of any illness. Our body's are always (24/7) fighting off numerous types of bacteria and viruses without ever showing any symptoms other than maybe getting a cold sore or Thrush or other types of "conditions" that present themselves when immune systems are a bit down. I wouldn't worry too much about it :-)

PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 5:49 pm
by kim
Hi Katie,

I agree with Aaron. Anxiety will also bring out the virus.

My EMG wasn't bad at all. It just felt like little pin pricks. He drew blood on occasion, but overall it was mild! You'll be fine.


PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 10:02 pm
by Davidd

The EMG doesn't really's like little pin pricks and nothing more. Try not to be nervous!

As for herpes and BFS, we have had many discussions regarding whether or not BFS is somehow related to a virus. Just like herpes is a virus that lives in the nerves, I know that I've often wondered if there is some sort of other virus living in the nerves that results in the symptoms of twitching. As its been explained to me before, viruses are so small that they are often hard to detect. That said, it is just a thought and may in no way be close to correct! I personally believe that something does cause the's just a matter of someone, one day, figuring out what that "cause" is.


Herpes Virus

PostPosted: March 25th, 2003, 8:41 am
by Carolmarie
Hi Everyone. Back in September, '02, when I started twitching, of course, my first "self-diagnosis" was MS. I had a brain MRI and the center where I had it done is wonderful. You go in, have your MRI, wait a short while, then when your films are ready, they are put up and you meet with the doctor who is the diagnostician. He tells you what he thinks, you get to see the films, and there is no waiting for weeks to see the doctor about your results. Anyhow...when we talked after my MRI, he asked what my symptoms were. I told him about the twitching, etc. and he said that "perhaps it's a virus". Of course, there are thousands of viruses but that has always stuck in the back of my mind. I have had pox, shingles, cold sores, etc. so who knows? It very well may be.

PS: The EMG I had done wasn't bad at all either. I guess it depends on your tolerance to things like that but I didn't mind it at all.

Best of luck!