Anyone here helped by Requip (ropinirole)?

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Anyone here helped by Requip (ropinirole)?

Postby dtmguy on September 7th, 2005, 11:15 pm

My neuro is encouraging me to try Requip, which is now approved for treating Restless Legs Syndrome (but nothing about BFS), for which it is reputed to be very effective. RLS shares some of the leg creepy crawlies we do, but RLSers don't fasciculate nor have cramping pain as with BFS. Also, RLS is defined by the extreme urge to move your legs to get the uncomfortable feeling to go away, which is an urge I do not have.

Since I am a bit leery of med side effects after being experimented on to-date, and Requip can have a few, I was curious how many fellow BFSers have actually been helped by Requip, and the dose you were on (and for how long). I'm holding off on starting right now.

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Postby cinderella on September 18th, 2005, 5:37 pm

I was given a 2 week starter pack that gradually uped the dose, but I can't say that it helped me. I also have been taking 2mg of klopin at bedtime, the neuro. said it would be ok to take them together. I didnt't have any neg. side effects from adding the repuip though. I took it an hour or so before bed, it did make me sleep alittle harder, but it didn't noticeably change my symptoms. I decided to just stick with my klopin, as I to am a little scared of meds. and their side effects. As far as I know the most common side effect of the requip was being sick to the stomach. It might be worth a try, what doesn't work for one might be just the thing for someone else. I was scared to try it at first also, but now I'm glad I did because even though it didn't work for me at least I know now. What ever you decide good luck!
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Postby Buzzygirl on September 23rd, 2005, 8:21 am

My primary M.D. offered to prescribe it for me, just to try it out. I declined, the Klonopin seems to help so I don't want to mix things up too much. Since it is meant for Parkinson's dx. I would probably freak out if it helped me! Let me know if you decide to take it and if it works or not for BFS.

Thanks, Karen
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Re: Anyone here helped by Requip (ropinirole)?

Postby markalanious on October 9th, 2012, 5:19 am

Hi guys,

i've been on ropinirole for a week, i told the doctor that it wouldn't help me and that my symptoms were very different to RLS but hey ho. I've just gone up to 1mg a day and i've been nauseous every day no matter when i take the meds.

I haven't noticed any decline in the fasciculations, however there is a slight possibility that i am cramping less - if i let me foot relax it now takes a few minutes before cramp sets in as opposed to the instant cramping i usually get.

I will continue until this months prescription has run out, then i'll go and ask for something else.
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Re: Anyone here helped by Requip (ropinirole)?



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