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Ulnar nerve entrapment & BFS

PostPosted: August 25th, 2005, 5:23 pm
by fbandersnatch
It seems that a lot of people here (including me) have occasional difficulties with fine motor coordination in their hands and/or grip strength (search old posts for "finger and clums*"). If you're interested in seeing the symptoms of ulnar nerve entrapment (don't worry, nothing scary on the page), check out this URL:

I mention this because ulnar nerve entrapment has a lot of symptoms that people here are concerned about, including grip strength, fine hand coordination, and numbness in your pinky, ring finger, and area between wrist and pinky. Unlike carpal tunnel syndrome, it seems that sensory symptoms can come and go with ulnar nerve entrapment. When you have both ulnar nerve issues and BFS, you get a hand that feels clumsy and tires easily.

Incidentally, this is one of the reasons that neuros will order an EMG/NCV even when they're certain you don't have ALS. Ulnar nerve entrapment won't spread to other nerves (it's typically a mechanical irritation), but it can progress and make your life miserable. It's also treatable. Just be aware that, unlike the degradation from ALS (which will show up on an EMG if you're already twitching), ulnar nerve irritation may not show up on an EMG/NCV for several weeks after symptoms start. In other words, you can have a clean EMG/NCV and still be in the early stages of ulnar nerve irritation. Since ulnar nerve problems are reversible and don't spread to other nerves, don't stress over them....