pain, weakness, etc.

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pain, weakness, etc.

Postby fabfab on April 18th, 2005, 12:39 pm

Hi there !

As you may know it, I'm now experiencing a major setback : been twitching for ten months, still am of course, and now having pain in the leg : knee, ankle, foot, tigh - especially on the left side (the right side was the "painful" one before that - and has been for months, if not years). The weakness may be subjective (I still can perform all the basic tests, hop on toes, walk on heels, lift the foot on toes, jump on one foot, etc) but the pain is real. I'm wondering : is this, paradoxally, a good sign ? As I've always heard als didn't manifest itself with pain, except for cramps, which I don't have. Now I'm thinking posture problems, sciatica, imbalance problems - I've had orthopedic soles for months, and they used to do me good, until my little daughter tore them apart... :lol:
What do you think pleaaase ?

Also, this is interesting : all the problems I had with my hands (subjective weakness, pain) are now totally gone, since the day I really started focusing on my legs. This certainly speaks for a psychic explanation, doesn't it ?

Last point : the week I worked on my bathroom (crashing a wall, painting, installing a new bathtub), the twitching almost completly went away. Best week of my twitcher life. Weird, isn't it ?

Maybe I should go see a shrink. That's what my GP keeps saying.

Thank you guys, any input would be valuable.

Love from France,

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Re: pain, weakness, etc.

Postby someone on April 18th, 2005, 1:41 pm


Yes, you are right about als not manifesting any pain. After all, the muscles are dead or in the process. Often when there are pain associated with muscles there are a reason for this (other than mnd). You said you have worked on your bathroom, was this prior to you getting the pain? If so, that can explain it, some postures here and there that your body isnt used to. I will make a guess, your legs arent exaclty the same length. This is very common, and can many times result in weird pain in legs and back. This is just a guess though, I may be wrong =)

Your other point about your hand is a really good indication. As you know als isnt a disease that comes and go .. it just progresses, and if your weakness was due to this, it would never return. You are right, it really speaks for something that is in your head, and not your nervesystem =)

Actually its not weird that the twitches went away when you worked on the bathroom, you had your mind somewhere else, which again is a good indication, and you know why =)
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Re: pain, weakness, etc.



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