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Massage Therapy Healing

PostPosted: February 19th, 2005, 2:39 pm
by Floater
heres something.. my wife got me a massage for valentines day. of course i was excited,, i got a massage from a therapist that does energy work therapuetic touch reiki ect. i can say of right now i have barely next to nothing symptoms of bfs. i spent all morning looking for a twitch in my calves and feet and after several minutes i was able to find 1 faint twitch after agravating the muscle. i feel this has worked the best for me out of the millions of things ived tried to get rid of this crap.. i feel 95% cured. im going to go every month now because it seems to be working.. my therapist is working on balancing my peripheral nervous system and my liver. when he was doing energy work i could actually feel hot electrical activty coming from his hands. i left the spa high as a kite and dont remember falling asleep that night... woke up with a massive headache,, but with little or no bfs symptoms.