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Any suggestions on alleviating arm pain?

PostPosted: February 8th, 2005, 10:23 pm
by Waterfowler
Last week was so warm and nice out that I had to play some tennis, I played on three days and the day after each my arm was rather sore, I was wondering if this was due to bfs or lack of playing? probably a combo of both. I am also happy that I haven't lost any speed on the forehand or backhand and my serve I appear to be hitting harder. I was also wondering if anyone has some suggestions to relieve this arm pain I experience after playing, since it is rather bothersome. Also a couple weeks ago I read of a tennis player named James Blake who was out of the tour for a few months due to a virus called Zoster, which paralyzed his facial nerve and he said the doctors told him it was stress induced. Maybe we have a virus of a similar origin, which could be causing our symptoms? just a thought.