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Groin pain

PostPosted: December 15th, 2002, 11:28 am
by armistead
I was dignosed with BFS about eight years ago. This past Sep., I fell and cracked my elbow and had 8 screws placed in it. Three weeks later,I thought I was having a heart attack and spent three days in cardiac ward.
Heart Cath was done and normal. I was released, but still had dizziness and chest pains. Then My ears started hurting. ENT ran test and said ears were fine. Then I felt flusih for about a week and the fasiculations moved to my upperbody. I also felt like my nodes were painful in my groin. As weeks passed, the pain in my groin got unbearable. It feels like I have glass in my veins. It spread to my testicles and penis, then to my flanks, right buttock and inner thighs. So far I have had chest mri, complete spine mri, brainscan, and all blood work. I can hardly walk. I spent three days in hospital because of pain, but nothing was found. I think Neurologist is going to do a muscle biopsy this week. Has anybody here ever had any of these symptoms?