So, what have you tried for your BFS symptoms?

Information about how to manage or reduce the severity of BFS symptoms

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So, what have you tried for your BFS symptoms?

Postby LeeNC on November 22nd, 2004, 9:32 am

Curious what you all have tried (successful or not) for managing your BFS symptoms. I'm bummed that none of my "experiments" seemed to help my 6 months of symptoms at all. Here's what I've tried:

Magnesium chelate.
Additional calcium (citrate).
I cut out red wine & tea, to see whether the tannins in them had been messing with my body's magnesium utilization.
Additional omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil capsules).
Vitamin B6.

Of course, I must note that the ONLY thing that's helped me is this board. While the awesome support group here has not resulted in any reduction of symptoms, you HAVE allowed me to accept & move on. Like the MasterCard ads...PRICELESS! My heartfelt thanks.

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No sorry

Postby dont on November 22nd, 2004, 7:04 pm

No so far not much of anything has helped me. I tried 8 different anti dep but I had to stop them because of side effects so they could have helped had I been able to stay on them. I do think that Klonopin has helped somewhat but not made them go away. If I took more they may lessen but I have to function and I can't take anymore than I already am and not fall asleep at the wheel or at work. I have tried mag as well. I have tried B complex, B 12, Folate, B 6. I am not taking Neurontin and it's making me so dizzy that I think I will have to stop it too. From what I have learned over the past 11 months a lot of what works only works temporarily unfortunately and most of what people try doesn't work. Sorry to be such a downer but I think time seems to be the only thing that works for many. But let us know if you find something that helps or takes it all away.
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Postby LadyChester on November 22nd, 2004, 7:15 pm

I've taken valium (because I was misdiagnosed with Stiff Man's Syndrome and that's the preffered treatment for it); obviously that didin't help. Tegretol helped the fasciculations but wreaked havoc with my brain. I've tried vitamins and supplements with no improvement.

Acupuncture does seem to help -- if nothing else it reduces your overall anxiety level :D
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