A few thoughts on medication

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A few thoughts on medication

Postby stevepaul on November 13th, 2004, 9:38 am

Hello to all.

This is just a few of my thoughts with regards to medication.

First. If your GP or neuro prescribes a certain medication or combinations of meds, make sure these are the only ones you take.

The reason for this is. If you take only the meds he prescribes, you will be in a better position to fully evaluate just what effect these are having on your symptons. So that when you return for a follow up the GPs /neuros will get a true reflection of which meds are successful in controling this disorder, and this will be beneficial to all of us.

This point was driven home to my when at a review with my neuro, who asked how the medication was going, I just happened to mention that I had started to take two herbal remedies along with what he had prescribed, and the room started to fill with steam that was coming out of his ears. understandable really, afterall, along with us they need to know what is or isn't effective, and taking over the counter meds along with prescribed meds will only cloud the issue.

I mentioned jokingly in an earlier post about having my immune system, completely destroyed by chemotherapy. My thinking behind this was, if this is an immune defect that is causing this disorder (and I believe it is) then if you destroyed the immune system completely, the defect would not exsist. Then what I wondered was, would the immune system when it built itself back up, be normal.

So at my next review, and thinking I had discovered a new treatment, I asked my neuro what he thought. He told me that years back this had been tried on patients with severe immune disorders, but that the results where not very successful. He did however, congratulate me on this line of thinking.

Another treatment that has been tried is something called plasma exchange I think this is similar to a blood transfussion but I could be wrong, but here again the results proved incnclusive, although some patients did report an improvment in their symptoms. I have managed to speak to someone who underwent this procedure, but she said the treatment had not improved her symptoms to any significant degree.

You know how your computer goes haywire now and again and it requires a reboot to get it working normally again. and you remember the film Flatliners, (you can see where this is leading) I was wondering, as I do. What would happen if someone with this disorder was flatlined, and then rebooted so to speak, would this sort out our problem. the way I see it, this has a two to one chance of being sucessful.

1 It wouldn't make any difference.

2 You would be cured

3 You wouldn't come round, therefore, nothing would bother you.

Any volunteers ??

I bet you lot think I've got a wierd mind.

Look after yourselves. Steve.
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A few thoughts on medication



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