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Muscle Pain, Exercice intolerance

PostPosted: March 13th, 2016, 8:51 am
by retintin
Hi everyone,
I am an old experienced 'twitcher'. Twitching doesn't bother me much anymore. Over the years it comes and goes. It doesn't frighten me anymore. But since a year my general status aggravated. Muscle pains and exercice intolerance were becoming more severe. Compared to the innocent 'twiches' these symptoms are heavily influencing my daily life. I read a lot of posts today on 'exercice intolerance', I also read Wikipedia. Is everyone talking about the same when we talk about 'exercice intolerance'? Probably not.
Here is my experience: Since some years I realize that my muscles exhauste faster than normally. I first realized it on walks in the alps. It's absolutely normal to have muscle soreness after descending in the mountains. Descending uses muscles which you normally don't use much. So it is heavy to descend 1000 m altitude difference when you haven't done it for a while. But one day I realized after 500 m altitude difference that my legs were shaking and really exhausted. I had to walk on for another 500 m but it was horrible. My legs were so exhausted and feeble. Then the toughtes muscle soreness hit me for a hole week. Since then I try to take care when I am in the mountains. I descend very controled. Lots of breaks. Slow, controlled movementes, etc ... but my condition doesn't improve. Every year it is more difficult for me to descend. Last month I descended only 400 m and had horrible muscle soreness next day. As work out I used to swim and and jogg. Last year I had to stop jogging. Each time I did a little jogging (2 km) I head terrible muscle aches afterwards. I tried several times, with or without Ibuprofen. But jogging is hell. My legs are just aching so much. No way to go on. I have to give up. Thanks god there is swimming and the slow movements in the water don't affect muscle aching that much. But the muscle ache condition is aggravating. I work as an artist in my atelier. Sometimes I have to work on the floor and have to work on my knees and to get up often. Heavy muscle soreness will follow next day. For almost any phyical actitivity where I use my legs I will suffer from aching. Even if I don't use my muscles my leg muscles are aching. Going to the toilet in the morning, etc ... dancing slow Tango in the evenings. I am 46 years old but my legs feel like I was 20 years elder.
Is this what you guys out there experience as well when you talk about 'muscle pains' and 'exercice intolerance'? Do we have to live with constantly aching muscles? Is there any recommendations? I love doing sports, dancing, moving, cycling. I am scared I have to give up all those activities one day if things aggravate further.
Twitches are nasty but innocent (the don't hurt and you can keep a normal life when you manage your fear), muscles pains and exercice intolerance change your life in a very unpleasant way.

Re: Muscle Pain, Exercice intolerance

PostPosted: March 14th, 2016, 12:19 am
by Yuliasir
1) 46 is not 26 anyway, and whether you wish or not, some decline processes should be expected. 2) pain and excercise intolerance, expecially in legs, mean rather circulatory issues - first or second stage of peripheral atrerial disease. It is pretty simple process - due to lower blood supplly you can not flush out lactic acid, and it causes quick tiredness, and soreness and inflammation last for longer.

My advice would be to check two things - blood viscosity and circulation status.