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long pause

PostPosted: January 10th, 2016, 4:51 am
by bailyloves
hi everyone...i opened the site after 2yrs almost.I am one of the senior bfser(since last 5yrs).I am from india n iam still fine.No neurological wasting.No real neurological weakness.No MND...BUT still twitching 24×7 on calves in perticular.I was like most of us in panic mode initially for few yrs.But now iam quite satisfied.I suggest new comers to consult a good neuro n when they call it as bfs,just believe them or take a second opinion.Just relax..its totally harmless.
Recently i have got lichen planus a skin problem.Can any body have along with bfs.
Also i have wheat n milk intolerance..any body have this
Where r seniors like Mommylondon,aussi suffere etc.
Take care.