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Constant twitching in back of my hand after 18 months of BFS

PostPosted: March 9th, 2015, 11:58 am
by Andreas

during the last months I tried to ignore my fascics and lived my life. They are allready present in all parts of my body but mainly (nearly always) in my feet, calves and thighs.
From time to time also in my back, my shoulders and my arms.

But now I have new strange symptoms:

during the last 6 months I can easy provoke cramps in many parts of my Body when I stretch them.
Coldness makes it more easy to get those cramps.
And I have now constant twitching in the back of my hand. Between my pinky-finger and my ring-finger. It is persitent there and won´t stop.
These twitches are strong and make this two fingers move together and this brings a great discomfort.
I have in mind that MND starts often in the small hand-muscles.....and now I have constant twitching exact in one of them....
I hope that this is not a bad sign.
I have had hot-spots in the past but never in such small muscles.
I am waiting that my BFS/twitching will get better by time, but it always gets more worse...

I am 18 months in and have no real weakness but lots of twitching and discomfort.

Has anyone of you a similar evolution of his symptoms?
This twitching in my hand makes me really think about bad things which I thought I left behind....

any advice?

thank you,


Re: Constant twitching in back of my hand after 18 months of

PostPosted: March 9th, 2015, 1:29 pm
by Yuliasir
Andreas, nearly everybody could say +1 to your picture. Do not worry, it fits the picture.
Easy cramping (especially on cold) means you rather have circulatory issues (probably too thick blood - you may do trombogram ach check it).