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PQQ Supplement for BFSers

PostPosted: February 4th, 2015, 11:05 am
by BFSBurger
PQQ is one of the 5 core supplements I have used since I started my recovery from BFS.

My reason for using it was based moreso in its effect of Mitochondrial Biogenesis than anything else. I was under the impression that dysfunctional / ineffecient mitochondria might play a role in this somehow. Mostly because of the drastically reduced energy levels. I now attribute that to mine (and many other here) hormone test results showing noticeably low Testosterone, and other issues. Resolving that has resulted in restoration of energy levels for a few of us.

Nevertheless, it turns out PQQ has some effect on the Peripheral Nerve system as well. I do not know if BFS includes peripheral nerve damage, but many here have sensory symptoms. And as I understand it (correct me if im wrong) BFS is considered a disorder of the Peripheral Nervous System. Even if it is assumed to be a hyperexcitability versus damage, problem.

Interesting study nonetheless:

Even with the assumption that BFS might a mild form of Isaacs, and that the immune system is attacking various parts of the PNS, the ability for PQQ to aid in re-myelination of nerves seems interesting. Probably a good study to show someone who is dealing with Multiple Sclerosis too.