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update Antologia twitching for 19 months now

PostPosted: December 27th, 2014, 3:15 am
by Antologia
I promised to give an update on my situation now and then.

I still did not have an appointment with the neuro since June. I think something went wrong, because they told me they would send me a date and I never got it. So maybe the letter got lost in the mail, or they never send it. Normally I would have called them already, but because I'm 29 weeks pregnant, I decided to wait a bit. There are no big changes at the moment.

I still twitch, even during pregnancy. I have this annoying hotspot in my left thigh at the moment, and of course other twitches during the day, but I can handle. Sometimes my toe still cramps (see another forum message of me). My sneeze reflex was gone for a few weeks but then came back. And I'm still very very tired (but also pregnant, of course this can influence the tiredness).

What I am curious about, is that I read in a Dutch document about neurological problems, that some kind of cancer types can also cause twitches in a very early stage. They named Lungcancer (the small cell kind), some types of breast cancer and thyoom. Does anyone ever heard of that? The document I read was from 2011. I will post the url: ... 202011.pdf But I don't think you all can read this, because it is in Dutch. It's on page 40.

Just wanted to share how I was doing and wondering if anyone here ever heard about the relation between cancer and twitches.

Re: update Antologia twitching for 19 months now

PostPosted: December 27th, 2014, 7:09 am
by Yuliasir
Hello Antologia, we just had discussed it a few days ago :) paraneoplastic syndrome, whch is most often evident in case of small cells neoplasms in the lungs, MAY cause twitches, but generally PNS is still rare (it does not accompany all cases of LC), and also twitches are not the only symptom is this case, but neurological deficites are much more coarse than just a few twitches per day or even a hotspot.