What could this be?

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Re: What could this be?

Postby Dennis_dw on June 9th, 2014, 6:31 am

muppetdog wrote:
Also a stupid unrelated question: If you stick your tongue out the furthest you can then pull it back do your botom teeth also stand 1cm over your top teeth, so in other words you you move your jaw forward then? :D

Min was only like 2 mm. What a strange question :D

Haha I was just wondering :P Before they shortened my tongue frenulum I could barely stick my tongue further then 2 mm, now I can put it out like 1,5cm But I move my jaw 1cm forward I was wondering if that was normal.

I am going to break my chin and do braces anyway for esthetic reasons, they say that breaking my jaw would look more natural than breaking my chin and if it might help that would even be better. But that will be when I come back from Australia. I thought if they put my jaw forward and pull my teeth back removing the tongue frenulum might have been unnecessary... But this is completely unrelated. But from what I've read one of the reasons for apnea is that your tongue doesn't have enough place and falls back blocking airflow.

I noticed that I deal far better with my symptoms, am far more confident and happy when I am well rested. But that doesn't happen very often.

Or I don't take any benzodiazepines and sleep very little or take a lot of them and wake up unrested. Sometimes I can do a few weeks without alprazolam but I always end up taking them again to avoid going to work after less than 4 hours of sleep. Since Tuesday is my last day at work I am going to stop taking the xanax then. I did 2 days without now and I’ve been taking them since the beginning of April.

Anyway I am going to ask to give me an appointment to do a sleeping test when I am in the hospital for my chin the 16th, and I have a EMG the 24th we will see until then I just try to live with it.
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