Is this really BFS?

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Is this really BFS?

Postby Sanjoo on July 22nd, 2004, 4:13 pm

I am 34 year old male have been recently diagnosed with BFS After my visit to second Neurologist, would like to confirm that all the symptoms I have are benign and not related to any other medical condition. Here is my story of symptoms;

Nov 2002- It all started with intermittent ear buzzing/mild pain with mild jaw pain, some eye twitching- visited my ENT - first diagnosed with TMJ, -NO TMJ problem since then but my jaw muscle twitches sometime.

Dec 2002- ear pain gone, started migrating paresthesia (mild buzzing filing under the skin also some burning sensation in fingers) - visited Neurologist - MRI brain, cervical spine, all labs including heavy metal test negative.

After couple of more visits, Neurologist concluded that whatever I have is either nothing or non diagnosable.

July 2003- Developed neck cramp which did not go away for two weeks after playing tennis. also developed some kind of odd feeling in my left foot which I could only feel after I wear my shoes, nothing on right foot. Also I started noticing some fatigue in my arms with occasional twitching in my triceps, calf , deltoid quadriceps muscle.

Aug - 2003- went to see neurologist again after couple of days of constant headaches- again MRI of Brain and cervical spine negative. no diagnosis yet.

All the symptoms I had were not constant i.e they come and go. So, I decide to wait till the become more prominent.

Dec 2003- More symptoms - All my joint including knee, hip, shoulder, finger started paining with fatigue. - This time I visited my Family physician - he prescribed my some vitamins and Magnesium and Zoloft- with some lab test for lyme, thyroid, B12 and others- all negative-

April 2004 - I started noticing all my buzzing sensation under my skin were small fasciculation and there were increased twitching in arms and foot. My eyelid also twitches but it needs some starter like a sneezing or rubbing. Headache and muscle cramps especially in my neck are part of my life now.

All my symptoms were there but they come and go, last week I decide to go and see other Neurologist for EMG- EMG was negative. He said what I have is BFS. My twitches do not bother me much but fatigue limits my lots of day to day activity including playing with 5 year old son.

To conclude, all the symptoms have added to my daily life the come and go more often then they were , again the symptoms are;

1. Joint pain – especially small joints in hand- it is mild pain but I can feel more after I wake up.
2. Fascicutions and twitching: foot and leg muscles, arms, face, and some time back muscles. My twitching lasts for only less than 1 minutes.
3. fatigue: mostly in my arms and shoulder but some time in legs too.
4. Cramps : mostly in neck and hand.
5. sensitive skin: skin became more sensitive to pain
6. Headaches

I would like to know if any of you have similar kind of symptoms also I like to share my symptoms.

Thanks for reading and replying this post. Any suggestions to possible causes are appreciated.
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Postby Stephanie on July 22nd, 2004, 9:07 pm

I think most of us have had most of your symptoms. I also had the sensitive/painful skin thing on the left side of my face & scalp with a sharp cutoff on the midline of my scalp. It happened twice for a whole day. Weird-no neurologist could give me an answer on that one. Your EMG being normal rules out the worst disease so be glad about that. Joint pain & fatigue could occur in Lyme. Blood tests are not very reliable I've been told. A spinal may be a good idea-you could ask your neuro if he thinks it's necessary. I'm sure you will be fine, all the important tests are normal. If you read the other posts you will see that you are not alone!
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