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Dealing with anxiety

PostPosted: December 19th, 2013, 8:38 pm
by Kev74
When I started twitching almost 2 years ago now I developed horrible health anxiety, I felt like I was turning into a hypochondriac. It was something new for me, because I never gave a second thought about my health before. You would think I would have a grasp on it by now, but I'm still having health anxieties, not all related to twitching. I've been to the doctors around a dozen times in the last two years and they have yet to find something wrong. Still I dread I having some serious illness. I'm not sure how to cope with it, except let it pass until the next time. :(

Re: Dealing with anxiety

PostPosted: December 19th, 2013, 9:02 pm
by SecretAgentMan
I started out seeing a hypnotherapist for a session and then moved on to self hypnosis. Eventually I transitioned to meditation. It took a little time, hard work, and dedication to turn the anxiety around but it forever changed my life for the better. No more health anxiety.