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My story and how it started.

PostPosted: July 18th, 2013, 11:59 am
by felipe.andrews
Well, I've been feeling twitches, muscle pain, needles and other paresthesias for two months now. Actually the last four months were surrounded by decadence until I found this site. It started when I found a lump in the right testicle, went to my usual urologist, did an usg, nothing was found, I was not convinced and changed doctors, did a pelvic MR and nothing was found too, at this time I was already feeling my legs kind of weird. I checked google and ended up discovering ALS, started researching about it and got mad, the same night I started with the twiches in my left foot (couldn't sleep at all). Meanwhile I started feeling abdominal pain, almost lost my mind, thought I had cancer. I did a colonoscopy and discovered I have ileum inflamation (i'm taking medicine for it). I started feeling the twitches in my legs (most of time when i'm sitting), left eye (wich come and go), arms, shoulders, noticed lip tremors, that my left leg muscles ripples when pressing my car clutch, general fatigue, I started to get crazy about my body, noticed things I never seen, like dents in my hands and outer knees and automatically related it to atrophy, Half an year ago I hurt my head in the back when training, I started to think that all the things I was feeling were result of that fall and that it brain damaged me... I lost nights of sleep, went to college but couldn't watch the classes at all, still I'm feeling kind of depressed, thinking I have ALS. As it is hard to find a good doctor, I'm looking now for some local references of neuros to schedule an appt. But as I started reading some of topics in this forum, and realized that many people have exactly the same symptons I have I'm feeling quite better. I had tons of stress in the last months, maybe it triggered something, I don't know. Yet, at the same time all this happened I was studying for a public carrer exam , got lots of anxiety too (good news is that I passed). I still drive, run, walk (recently I did a 10km walk due to the protests happening in Brazil), jump, kick, punch, (I stopped training muay thai because I had to study),have good reflexes, but sometimes my legs hurt a lot and I get real sad, I have not been to a hospital in the last 5 years and suddenly all this start. Anyways, guys, this is my story and I really have to thank for the existence of this site.

Re: My story and how it started.

PostPosted: July 18th, 2013, 1:08 pm
by mwagner
You couldn't sound more like BFS to me. Honestly. See a neurologist but don't be worried. So many people have had stress onset to their BFS, and that sounds like what happened to you. Try to take a deep breath and realize that you don't have anything sinister.