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New to this form please read!!!

PostPosted: May 4th, 2013, 7:48 pm
by Jam34983
Hi new to this form Does this sound like (als) I always had body wide twitches Never thought anything of them I always taught it was a normal phenomenon that happens in everyone's body Never knew that they were associated with diseases. It all started with one on my four head Didn't think anything of it This one you can actually see the skin move I figure that it will go away in a day or so It never did Three weeks later I set a doctor appointment After I set the appointment actually stopped My appointment was a week later After Winneway started getting these real small different twitches I never felt before felt like ants crawling on my face and body started to get twitches in place I never had before Top of my head my lower eyelid I go to my doctor appointment Tell her what's going on She makes me open my mouth and stick my tongue out The reaction on her face was weird and then she asked me do I filled them on my tongue I say no Then she sent me for electrolyte test And tell me come back in one month As I was going for the electrolyte test I notice on the paper twitching of the face and fasciculation of the tongue Didn't even know what fasciculation meant lol So in mirror of the car I look at my tongue Didn't really see anything but didn't know what I was actually looking for Stuck my tongue out I only noticed that my tongue moved around wouldn't stay still then I let it rest in my mouth I noticed that it jerks a little that's about it Then I go home and Google fasciculation of the tongue Everybody knows what popped up That's when I entered hell lol So for a month I'm in hell Convince myself I don't have it and I convince myself that I do have it Finally get over convinced myself that I don't have it Go to my doctor appointment makes me stick my tongue out and she says oh it looks better to said she was concerned about Als And my Appointment And Hearing her bring up ALS Didn't even phase me because I read so much about it and that one month (But at the same time I started thinking to myself your concern about it why didn't you give me a strength tests) But anyways I go home happy and all is behind me a week later I go for a jog Which I always do used to be 340 pounds five years ago loss 140 pounds So I'm always jogging lifting weights After my jog feel Twitch on the bottom of my left foot Didn't think anything of it a week later it was still there so I set another appointment this time a Neurologist I told him my fears and he looked at me like I was crazy and said you don't have that So he sends me for a whole bunch of test that I never heard of before From EMG to mri And everything was normal tony thing he noticed was some neuropathy in both foot In a couple of bulging disc in my lower back. Then sent me on my way that was a month and a half ago and my left foot still twitching Which seem nonstop to me right foot twitch as well but not as much as my life And I'm starting to feel like I have Flem in my throat all the time and like something is stuck in my throat but no swallowing problems or slurred speech and still jogging still lifting weights actually getting stronger at the gym But still scared Sorry for the long story. My question is.

If I was twitching because of als No matter how far along it is or how early Would the EMG pick it up. And the doctor EMG both legs two different muscles and each leg Thank you for all your answers in advance