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Tongue Biting

PostPosted: April 5th, 2013, 10:57 am
by JStanz
Hello Everyone,

It seems like tongue biting is common amoung folks with health aniexties. I have been biting the side of my tonue while talking for a few weeks now (seems to get worse when I think about it). Does anyone know if this is a sign of bulbar als? I have no speech or swallowing issues that I know of.

On a good note, twitching has gone away for 2 months now :)



Re: Tongue Biting

PostPosted: April 6th, 2013, 6:57 pm
by twitchinjohnny
I've discussed the tongue and cheek biting thing with a couple of neurologists. Both have told me not to worry, that this is more likely an anxiety thing and that bulbar ALS would not likely present this way. Slurred speech (as in sounds like you're drunk) due to poor tongue control, swallowing issues such as difficulty initiating swallowing, choking and aspiration, etc., difficulty chewing, and hyper-nasal voice quality due to poor palate elevation are more typically the presenting symptoms of bulbar ALS.

One of the neurologists with whom I spoke told me that she has issues similar to mine when it comes to biting her tongue during sleep. She also told me that these episodes usually occur when she's been stressed-out for a while.

Glad to hear that your twitching has relented! With ALS, twitching stops once the affected muscle is completely denervated, paralyzed, and for practical purposes, dead. So, if you're not twitching and you're still moving those muscles, you must have BFS.... not ALS! That's a good thing!