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Is this really BFS?

PostPosted: April 2nd, 2013, 9:31 pm
by MBW
Hi everyone,
In Feb 2012 my eyelids started twitching, first on one side for hours a day, then a few days later on the other side. I thought it was lack of sleep and too much caffeine. Then my toes started going numb and I thought it was too much jumping from Zumba. After 2 months twitching moved to my face and I also had a burning sensation near my left ankle. By July I could feel fasciculations all over and it was funny as the one on my stomach felt just like a baby kicking (I have 3 kids).
I saw a neurologist in August and have been seeing him every couple months since. I've done 2 EMGs and the regular tests you do at the neurologist office and he seems to think it's nothing to be worried about. He has not mentioned BFS but just said that what I have is very common. While I'm convinced it's not ALS, never thought it was anyway, I'd like to be sure it's not MS. My neurologist does not want to send me to get an MRI. I now get numb spots on my legs too that go away within minutes and tingling sensation once in a while. I also get mild muscle pain once in a while in the mornings.
Should I insist on the MRI? How can I be sure it's nothing else without one?
My symptoms seem to progress, so what comes next? it's gone from mild twitching on eyelids to all over, to burning, tingling sensations and mild pain.
Also one interesting thing - I was told by a naturopath to stop coffee and chocolate. apparently some substances you find in those 2 could be bad for your central nervous system... I was able to stop for 6 weeks then gave in so can't tell you if that helps...

Any insights would be appreciated!

Re: Is this really BFS?

PostPosted: April 3rd, 2013, 9:06 am
by johnnythejet
Sounds like BFS. I would not be worried about ALS or MS in the least. Demand whatever tests you want, but they would be nothing more than treatment for your anxiety IMO.