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Re: Juicing and vitamin B12.

PostPosted: February 9th, 2013, 7:53 pm
by BFSBurger
chicagobfs wrote:I don't think that burger can tell if its too much or not enough, you should see how your body reacts to it. The key is not to overdo it.

This is 100% right. My personal opinion is that you should do whatever brings you to the point of feeling "Revitalized and Relaxed" ... then *STOP*. I really believe there is a very fine line you shouldn't cross between revitalizing and fatiguing. If you cross into fatiguing too far, then you risk "agitating" your system, prolonging your symptoms, and increasing the problem.

Only you know what that thresshold is. Swimming sounds good though as a type of workout - mostly because I believe whole body is important. You really have to be careful with swimming though because you can go too far very easily. Bottom line - dont run yourself down, ever. The goal is always to exercise enough to relax your system to the core. Not fatigue it.

Re: Juicing and vitamin B12.

PostPosted: August 4th, 2013, 7:04 pm
by angelo212
aztwitchy wrote:neuromyotonia falls under the BFS umbrella, they can do bloodwork to see if you have antibodies that cause issues with voltage gated sodium channels...the bloodwork is expensive and a lot of times out of network for the big health insurance plans...symtomps are similar to BFS symptoms, maybe a little more severe. Mostly affects men I believe. Its very tough to diagnose as the blood tests aren't always accurate and its an excruciatingly long EMG that needs to be done by someone who knows neuromyotonia pretty well. treatment is generally the same as what people would do with BFS depending on severity of symtpoms. its pretty rare and most of us simply don't have it.

You just blew my mind. My EMG was done at Weil-Cornell in New York City that is affiliated with Colombia Presberterian Hospitals Nerological Center (suppose to be one of the best) it was done by Dr. Rubin who I found on the internet as being involved in Neuromyotonia and his EMG was about 3 minutes. He did diagnose me with BFS but could not find any fasciculations with the test. My muscle biopsy was horrible though and maybe that helped with the diagnosis. You mentioned the EMG being excruciatingly long which is why I posted. My doctor was in a crazy rush and I'm thinking he just wanted to get out of there.