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Re: BFS, Viral Infection, Hmm.

PostPosted: December 14th, 2012, 3:12 am
by chrissi
Oh CFS meaninh chronic fatigue syndrome. There is a lot about those conditions we don't understa d. For example.... Why are so many people with BFS showing signs of hypermobility? Why are there whole families twitching, twjtching twins etc. On this forum? ( btw my younger sis is just starting with sone BFS symptoms, The ones I had before it realy started to get bad.... At exaczly the same age it started for me!). What does he tell people. Generally be good to
To your body and mind. Relaxation exercises, good healthy diet , moderate sports. The nerve system must calm down. And stay in contact with one good doctor that knows his job and your medical history, so you have someone to have a medical look at you. I would say with BFS, after a first check , neuros are not the doctors we need. It is not a real neurological issue, it is a whole package full of strange stuff that affects the whole body.

Re: BFS, Viral Infection, Hmm.

PostPosted: December 14th, 2012, 11:14 pm
by BFSBurger
I agree Chrissi. I think a very good outlook on BFS is something most here already know - and its is exactly the same as how you'd act if you did have an ongoing viral infection, or a weakened immune system: You take care of yourself. You operate with good health, a lot of rest, and you try to give your body the months it needs to correct the problem.

The beauty of this whole other viral aspect though is that there are treatments which are helping. And another interesting thing I just learned today is that this isn't so much a focus on viral infection , as it is a focus on Immunology. There is a whole new aspect coming out with a very reputable doctor named Dr. Nancy Klimas and Dr Rey who believe that we all have latent viral infections. Its just that triggers or experiences or our lifestyles of physical self abuse can lead to immune inefficiency. Its those people who develop problems containing the latent infections and deal with resurgences, and the like.

It may sound like a bunch of hoo-haw ... but every single one of my neurologists and my primary care physician who laugh at me when I suggest any of this - all highly recommend Klimas and her clinic. Apparently she is head honcho in this part of the country and personally trained most of them. Makes me wonder if they were paying attention in class with all their naysaying and utter inability to think outside the box....

I have no idea if BFS is viral .... or what. But its such an interesting new realm of study. Klimas has an entire clinic in south florida focused on nutrition, exercise, herbal immune support, and antiviral treatments, along with comprehensive immune function testing that she uses for people with our type of conditions.

Lets not dismiss it so quickly.

Re: BFS, Viral Infection, Hmm.

PostPosted: December 15th, 2012, 1:38 am
by chicagobfs
You should definitely investigete that if you have the need, just don't forget to share with your experience. Are you going to visit that clinic ?