Topical for Muscle Pain

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Topical for Muscle Pain

Postby BFSBurger on November 30th, 2012, 2:37 pm

Just randomly saw this. Thought I would share it. I may resort to getting some at some point.



I meant to mention a cream that excellant for joints and pain/inflammation--It is "Topricin" and it's odorless and stainless. It is made up of 11 homeopathic remedies.
I have been blown away by it's effectiveness.Other ointments other than steroids work but at a low % rate --- Topricin is well in the 95% range.

When I first bought it several years ago, I did not expect very good result with a topical cream since I have used homeopathic renedies for almost 40 years and the ingedients did not seem right.
But, Topricin works.

It was developed by a man in 1994 with carpel tunnel pain after 3 surgeries he still could not get more than 3 hours sleep nightly because of pain.

My wife of 55years has arthritis pain and she has not found a place or joint that it does not help.

I wish you well---Harry
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Topical for Muscle Pain



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