Anyone still taking Klonopin -and it helps?

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Postby speg on June 22nd, 2004, 1:24 pm

I know. I am neurotic too. I was on Xanax 24/7 for two years. This was five years ago when I was experiencing tremors, all-over twitching, and had a horrible fear of MS. They also gave me an SSRI which made the twitching worse, and the Xanax withdrawals made my tremors worse. The more I took, the more I needed. Xanax has a really short half-life. Klonopin has a longer half-life. I went on Klonopin to get off the Xanax. It was a bad scene.

All that being said, I still take them both on an AS NEEDED BASIS. I will never take them 24/7 again, which is what I believed caused the addiction/withdrawal problem.
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Postby marieclare on June 22nd, 2004, 1:34 pm

OH MY GOSH!! That sounds EXACTLY like me!! 7 years ago when all this started I was iving overseas and the neur gave me meds-soething to stop the twitchinglike you take it for a week and you are cured--turns out it was xanax (it saidalprazolam on the box) I had no idea it was an addictive benzo until after two months of taking it 24/7 i looked it up on the internet---gasp!--i almost had a panic attack when i realized what I was taking--so I weaned myself off of itand got insomnia for a year and the twitching has gotten worse since here i am contemplating another benzo--NOT 24/7 though--i really think i will take an ambien tonight and see if getting some sleep helps at all.....
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Postby Floater on June 22nd, 2004, 9:18 pm

take it as therapy... and done take more than you addict will take it all the time for the high..i take 1 mg of klonopin at around helps take the edge off this bfs works as an anti anxiety( never had anxiety or a panic attack since ive been on it,,, before i always delt with anxiety and panic attacks) lessens the twitching some degree...but works better for the pain and buzzing and tingling associated with bfs..and for those who cant sleep also works for insomnia quiet well...just make sure you get your 8 hours a may feel a little groggy in the morning...but a nice cup of coffee diminishs it neurologist put me on klonopin for BFS .05 mg every 8 hours. now that i dont see the neuro gp has me on 1mg at around bedtime for BFS therapy. theres pills that work better on ambien...for me when i take ambien the twtching totally disapears... but the drug lasts so short term and is very addictive for its hypnotic effects...its prescribed for insomnia...but i only found it works well for just falling asleep..then waking up 3 hours later unable to sleep...but on the other side klonopin will have you sleeping the whole night....without any real bad side effects
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Postby amy_twitch on June 22nd, 2004, 9:43 pm

Funny enough, I saw a psychiatrist for one month, and he was dead-on right about people like us. He told me that he has a FAR easier time helping severe drug addicts kick their habit than he has trying to get anxious people like us to try (and stick with) a drug regimen meant to help us. He said we truly are the least addictive personalities (most of the time) because all we crave is a feeling of 'normalcy' WITHOUT the assistance of drugs.

I tried SSRIs and couldn't stand them--they actually scared the heck out of me. Xanax or Ativan are VERY mild and help relax me (only need them once every couple months, if that). Never tried Klonopin. I'd try ambien---but I can't ensure the seven hours of sleep with my two little ones.

Unfortunately, of the xanax and ativan, neither one helps my twitches...Bummer.

Good luck, and let us know if you try anything new.
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Postby Arron on June 25th, 2004, 3:11 am

Yeah, benzo's are there to help you AS NEEDED, not to take in mass doses, for long periods of time.

Floater hit it right on the head and so did amy. Nyquil is addictive too, but do you freak-out when you have the flu and you want relief? I mean, come-on now, be reasonable. SSRI's don;t settle well with most people and whoever's shrink said she was against benzo's is probably a quack! They are made and sold to half the population of the world for a reason, because they WORK! We all lead stressful lives these days and a little help every now and then certainly isn't going to get you "addicted" to drugs any more than walking onto a smoke filled bar would get you addicted to cigarettes.

You have to take things into perspective and not go overboard with things. Go look at the warning labels on Tylenol PM and Ambien and tell me if those sound safe to you. I'm not talking about what's on the ouside of the box. I'm talking about the actual warning label that come inside the box. Some off the shelf drugs are VERY dangerous and can cause death. Just because it isnlt a "prescription" drug, certainly doesn't mean it's safe. And with that, you have 2,000's technology at your fingertips, and if it can help you get relief so you can get back to feeling normal again, then it's kind of crazy to not try it to see if it works for you. If one doesn't, then try another. Ativan is much less "narcotic" than Valium or Xanax, and it works every bit as good in very low doses, and you don't need to take the whole bottle at once or eat 20 pills a day to have some relief. Try a half dose. These meds aren't addictive unless you are on them for quite some time. If we were talking about morphene or somethng like that, then that would be a different story. It's hard to functiuon normally at work or at school when you can't sleep or you are not focused because of anxiety. The help is there for you if you want it...
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