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Its All Good

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 9:23 pm
by Debbs
Hey Everyone,

Just thought Id let you all know that I am bout 97% better now, since seeing my neurologist and puting away the fears of anything really sinnister going on in my body, I must admit that I am sooo much better, my neuro did say that I had GAD but apart from that he could find nuffink, he never sent me for an EMG as there was no weakness, so who am I to doubt a specialist and a darn good one at that. My twitches have ceased and Im sleeping ! I am learning to relax and take things easy and not get so hyped up over little traumas that happen, I excersise and take a multivitamin and eat good food lots of fruit and vegies, I read lots of positive books to build up my self image and my confidence and train my brain to think in a positive manner about everything, Im on no medication at all. I guess Im just trying to tell you all that I definately believe that my twitching and wobbly legs and shaking and all of it, comes from deep seated anxiety and stress related situations. I feel free for the first time in years, my family have noticed the difference and so have my friends, I made the choice to get out of t he rut I was in and change not only my mind but also my lifestyle...I would like to encourage you all to get out there and smell the roses, get rid of your anxiety cause thats what keeps you enslaved to your fears of ill health....Dont be a slave to fear confront it and deal with it and move on !!! lol

Have a fantastic day everyone,

Deb (ps If your neuro tells you nothing is wrong try to raise your belief level and trust his good judgement, he is a trained professional he knows what to look for and he has your best interests at heart) :wink:

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 10:47 pm
by Jen
Awesome!!! That is great news!! :D

PostPosted: October 29th, 2002, 9:06 am
by Davidd
Glad to hear it! I hope to one day write a message just like yours....and I am hopeful that I will!


PostPosted: October 29th, 2002, 1:12 pm
by Nole

I am with you. I am almost twitch free also, even when I have them I just dont care anymore. I eat better, take a multivitamin, read inspirational books, exercise, and have started massage therapy and relaxing techniques. I feel great and am on no meds either (never was). I t hink I suffer from some minor anxiety and stress at times. You can over come this if you put your mind to it, it takes time and patience. Best oif luck to you all, live your life and be happy.

It's all good

PostPosted: October 29th, 2002, 9:55 pm
by kEG

Glad to hear of your success! I hope there are more success stories from others on this board! It has been a long road, but my twitches are almost gone! Attitude is everything. We are all dealt a hand in life, and the way we play it is important. For those who can't shake the twitching, I am sure that by having a positive attitude and not dwelling on the negative aspects of them will certainly make it better.

Wishing you all twitch free lives!


Debbs message

PostPosted: November 6th, 2002, 1:37 pm
by Patty33
Deb, That was a great email. I agree. I started twitching in July 2002 and freaked.....I was under serious stress and anxiety at the time.....
I actually started Zoloft in Sept...... noticed a difference....BUT I think, I too, was told by a neurologist that it was benign.... and I have come to terms to just deal with the twitching.....Today, in fact, my finger has been going crazy and hasn't in a couple weeks but I am taking it in stride......

I know had it been anything serious it's been 4 1/2 months roughly and I would have been worse off by now......

Thanks for your post... It'll reassure a lot of people to " smell the roses"