Has anyone tried Trileptal??

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Has anyone tried Trileptal??

Postby jasonh_22 on June 15th, 2004, 4:24 am

My neuro recently prescribed trileptal to me (it is an anti-seizure medication similar to Tegetrol, but with less side effects). I want to know if anyone else has tried this or had any success with it?? I am currently taking 150 mg TWICE a day at the moment.

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Postby garym on June 15th, 2004, 8:30 am


I took trileptal for about four months with only limited, if any success. I was up to 600mg twice a day without any lessening of twitching. When my dr. increased that dose to 750 mg twice a day my insurance refused to pay for it. At that point I switched to neurontin which I worked up to 1800 mg's a day. Neither helped twitching, but I think both helped with the pain\anxiety associated with BFS.

One word of caution. Since I took these drugs, it has nearly been impossible to get health insurance. You may want to consider the severity of your sxs, and potential costs, before having this drug therapy become a permanent part of your medical history. For me, it was absolutely not worth it.

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Also, i'm curious who your dr. is. I haven't seen many members put on trileptal and wonder if we have the same dr. (Shaibani??).
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