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Potassium disruption causing BFS

PostPosted: July 16th, 2012, 11:08 pm
by acudoc11
Although I answered an old private message I wished to share this.

Hi Amacra

It is interesting that someone (who ignored my comments) posted a few months ago about Myalgic encephalitis/encephalopathy coupled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and one of the causes as being toxoplasmosis (cat parasite). Something I was saying early on in my posts (last year) but was scoffed at because I arrived at it through Chinese medicine and how certain invasions of the body attack the liver which in turn can cause what is called internal wind (fasciculations, cramping, certain eye problems, etc).

The combination triggers for me was an emotional occurrence losing a cat-buddy of 17 years, cleaning lots of cat liter at the end; taking a nasty blood pressure medication over two previous years prior to Aug/Sept 2011. Along with the regular constant fasciculations around calves, glutes, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.... I had distance double vision. The double vision is totally resolved by herbally and nutrionally supporting both my liver and eyes, while the fasciculations although substantially reduced to slight vibrations.....have been difficult to totally resolve. Then the light bulb went on. The enzyme inhibitor blood pressure messed with my liver and kidney tubules by causing a huge blockage of potassium in the body along with the potassium channels. I have been a daily tea drinker and been on a kick for the past several years of almost a daily intake of one cup of Earl Grey tea at night. I was checking for a friend whether that tea might contribute to constipation and lo and behold found that not only is that a possible side effect but MORE importantly the flavor enhanced ingredient called bergamot in many Earl Grey formulas actually CAUSES muscle twitching and muscle cramping. Of course everyone is different in regard to the amount of tea. I believe my system was so delicate that even one cup has been too much. Thinking back there were days the fasciculations were greater and days they were lesser which coincided with the days I either had the tea or missed it (not often). I do not believe that this is a primary cause of BFS but as with many causes/sub-causes it is something that others might consider removing from their drink regimen and see if they improve even if just a little. BFS'ers need to pay attention to what they are eating and drinking.