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Re: My appointment yesterday pls read

PostPosted: August 9th, 2013, 5:25 pm
by muppetdog
Yeah, none of my eye doctors could see my floaters ether. All of the numerous eye doctors I have been to have told me that they can rarely see floaters during and exam or in one of those newer eye scans they do instead of dilation. I started to get them in my 20's, so did a lot of my friends and my Mom.

Apparently at my young age of 20- they are not "true floaters."

So you probably just have the clear ones - the ones that look like a ton of amoebas floating around. Those are super easy, as you probably know, to see in bright light and on a computer screen - there goes one right now. I have a couple black ones and some stringy ones. I have even though about naming them. I don't think you can suffer from those :) It's like saying you suffer from thirst when you don't drink enough water.

The overactive pay-attention-itisus seems to be a theme on this site. And why not. When the strange crap shows up, of course your going to look closely at your body. I still can't describe some of the nerve sensations I get. I guess my point was, people can't be tempted to go off the deep-end too much and start finding "things they suffer from" like eye floaters and dents in your facial muscles when they are really dimples and worry about it even for a second. I think one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, not sure when that showed up ;) But I understood your context. Keep up the good work.

Remember to smile, life is funny, even if the human nervous system is a piece of crap.

I'm going to shut up now. I probably ruined this awesome thread. sorry Chrissi ;(


Re: My appointment yesterday pls read

PostPosted: August 10th, 2013, 1:47 am
by chrissi
Regarding " floaters " in young people : they can be a thing of over- perception. I remember well my first weeks in the lab when I was starting with microscopy class: all those young people trying to constantly wipe their lenses ans slides because there were " things" and " worms" and stuff floating around in the vision field. Our Prof told is this is due to the extreme concentration and increase of any perception because we are searching too much for the " object of desire" on the slide, and that this is actually stuff within our eyes that we can see there. He predicted we will loose this pnce we get more relaxed watching through the microscope, and so it happened. Funny enough, we were all able to reproduce the floaters without microscopes watching into the bright sky and then back to a normal surface with our " microskope view" ( extreme concentration and searching for a focus, hard to describe the way you adjust your eyes if you do microscopy). So there must be a different kind of floaters that is caused by our perception.

Haha muppetdog you did not ruin this thread. I love talking about floaters. I had pretty nice ones during my lab days and they caused us lots of fun in the lab when we were supervising the newbies calling us for help " I think there's an ameba swimming around on my liver slice slide...a big one. No, two, no wait , here it is... Gone.oh Why can't you see it????"

Re: My appointment yesterday pls read

PostPosted: August 10th, 2013, 2:38 pm
by muppetdog
Yeah they even have an eye floater simulator en the internet, funny.

When I am driving and look out at my left hand mirror and then back at the road, mine zoom across my vision. I have to look up and to the right to clear them. They are me, I am them, It's a love hate thing. Most of the time I ignore them.

Its my strong German ancestry. We have good eye protein.