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Stop the hotspot?!

PostPosted: December 10th, 2011, 6:29 am
by lcanela
Hi guys, my name is Luis, i have been having fasciculations since 8 months.

The most difficult and anoying thing are the hotspots when I try to sleep. But i found something that works for my hotspot.

I use magnesium oil every morning and before going to bed in my right arm where my hotspot is. I haven't had it in 3 weeks!! I stopped using it one day 3 weeks ago and voila!!! There it was again... I expect it will disapear after some time using the oil.

I just wanted to share this with everyone, try it and let me know if it works for you as well!

By the way it does not stop it but prevents it!!
It is useful for thise who have hotspots in the same places everytime.

In my particular case I realised I had the hotspot once a week for 24 hours in my arm, and when i had it it was a nightmare.
NowI fell much better as the small twiches dont bother me that much. I know I do not have any bad disease and I have done several things that hae helped me a lot. I will share later when I am sure that it has worked and it is not placebo effect.

Cheers to everyone!! And please, do not wait until you have stopped your bfs to be happy!!! Start now!!!! Then, bfs will stop!!