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Droopy eyelid

PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 3:44 pm
by uber
Over the last 2 weeks ive noticed twice now ive had a droopy eye lid in MY right eye. Seems to be cured via a good nights sleep. Only started happening this last 2 weeks. In to a year now since my twitches started...wondering what droopy eyelid means with everything else im having, twitches, muscle aches, feeling of muscle weakness, easy muscle tiredness etc, occasional slurred speech especially when I talk lots.

Im into a year since my symptoms started...wondering what this might mean?? looking more and more like MS now?

PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 4:04 pm
by dwl
Probably nothing, but possibly consider myasthenia gravis? (symptoms include muscle weakness which progresses as the day goes on and are cured after an overnight rest)


PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 4:17 pm
by uber
oh...can twitching be an early sign of MG?? I thought people with MG just got ill and really quick?

PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 4:24 pm
by uber

PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 5:35 pm
by Jenn311
Hey Uber,

I've had the exact same thing before, where it feels droopy but didn't really look droopy... and it has gone away with proper rest and stopping my stressing out about it. I highly doubt it's anything serious...


drooping eyelid

PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 10:49 pm
by eric
Every time you post on this board and I read what your symptoms sound like it, tells me that you may have something but what can give you all those symptoms and still be treatable. you mention slurring your words and that alarms me. i feel that you may benefit from a spect scan of your brain and the reason is that it sounds like something is going on with metabolism. I am not a doctor and I dont claim to know everything and I just want you to get a hold of this if it is possible. the jerks and fasciculations all sound like missfiring of the nerves either in the body or brain. the droop sounds like a cranial nerve problem. my worry is that in midst of all this and all that is happening to you,you still trust that what they are saying is true, its sounds to me like you should go back to your doctor and ask for a c reactive protein test. if that is positive I would then try to find out why your nerves and blood vessels are inflamed.the other tests dont really work unless you have lupus. lyme disease can and does manifest as you have described. it turns into inflamation and your body slowly attacks the areas of inflamation.
outright lyme test dont work at all. and I am hoping that if you do have it at least it is treatable. the other ones arent.
in all other posts I was a little nasty and the reason was that you were not only not helping yourself by believing neuro's but making others believe that they could never have it . we have had three people on this chatroom that have found out there problem was lyme.
now I hope that you find out what is going on because it always sounds like it is just a little worse as time goes on. find out what it is and dont give up the fight. get the spect scan it is very important as it will show why you are slurring your words. hang in there!


PostPosted: March 24th, 2004, 10:54 pm
by eric
have you had tests for ms. did you have an mri and also did you have a lumbar puncture and if so what were the bands.
a friend of mine has ms and it does not sound like what you are describing. also do you get dizzy and have muscles go numb.
let me know.

PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 1:23 am
by dwl
MS would not vary that much through a period of 24 hours - its symptoms vary over days or weeks.


PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 2:02 am
by dwpierce
Here is a good link on how a person with MG eyes look. ... 3b.html#mg

Talks of speech Problems also.
Good resource

PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 3:53 am
by uber
hehe Eric and his "lyme" preaching :) gotta love it :)

It is a definate droop in 1 eye...very subtle but you can notice was my gf that has noticed it both times, so this 1 is deffy me not being paranoid.

A Cranial nerve problem would cause my face to droop not just the eye. the spect scan sounds interesting..what do those invovle??

Also yes I did have a test for MS...I often worry I got the test to soon, symptoms started march 03, got MRI of brain and c-spine in June 03. All came back normal. Lumbar puncture is not really a test they do to dignoise MS its more of a test that will just confirm a probable case of MS. As Lumbar puncture at best can just confirm a non-specific infection of the neuro agrees so we didnt bother to get 1 done in light of the clear MRI. Sometimes ill get midly dizzy...probably more linked with anxiety, bad health due to smoking and bad diet and no exercise its never anything serious and it certaintly never throws my balance. As far as numnness then I cant say ive ever noticed anything...ive had what id describe as mild numbness but it never lasts more than a day and it never could be down to many things..more than likely the freezing weather. Other numbness is your standard pins & needles etc that everybody gets from time to time and only lasts 5-10 mins if you have been sitting awkward or something.

PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 4:11 am
by dwl
slight eyelid asymmetry is very common - my grandmother and my daughter both have it.

You could ask your neuro for a simple blood test to exclude MG (acetylcholine receptor antibodies).

And it's not Lyme :-)



PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 8:22 am
by eric
Im sorry to say this but this is the last post that I will make on this site. I find that some of the individuals are quick to say it isnt lyme. wow? they dont even know what ills them. other people are trying to help in the spirit of the human condition knowing there is human suffering. I know for a fact that there are vector born disease that do cause everything that is listed on this site as a symptom. now als,all the rest of the neuron diseases are fatal. if this is bieng caused by something that is infectious I do say that you get checked for it as can mimmick all other disease. im not saying lyme as the actual problem but some sort of infection. I believe that there is some ongoing inflamation that is not bieng picked up by doctors. and alot of people are suffering!
I leave you with this as my last post may all of you find an end to your suffering and return to a state of perfect health!

PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 7:12 pm
by Arron
Hey, just to keep things on a level playing field, keep in mind that if maybe 3 people on this forum did test positive for Lyme, ( I don't actually have anything to prove that in front of me), but if someone also got cancer, or HIV, or Hepatitus or whatever.... would that mean that their cancer, HIV, hepatitus or whatever they have, caused their BFS-like symptoms? Not even remotely.

Just because someone found-out they indeed had something, (and believe me, you can also have false positive Lyme tests as well, so who really knows whether thay actually do or not have it?), doesn't mean it was the culprit causing their BFS symptoms, what so ever.

It is of course common for people to have more than one thing going-on in their bodies at the same time, and neither of them have anything to do with each other, such as having arthritis and herpes, or cancer and a heart murmer, so saying that 3 people with BFS tested positive for Lyme and pointing fingers at Lyme as an ultimate cause for BFS or BFS like symptoms, just doesn't hold water, unless a high percentage of us started testing positive.

You have to take everything at face value and not jump to conclusions. I have been on here and many other sites long enough to have seen just about every "miracle" cure, or underlying cause that people have come-up with, be it B-12 defeciency, Potassium, not drinking enough water, Herpes, Lyme, Thyroid, Aspertame, antibiotics, viruses, Klonopin, anxiety, sugar, stress or whatever people have come-up with that they think causes or cures BFS so far... and for every one that thinks one thing, there are just as many other's that can prove otherwise.

So, let's not point any fingers or belittle anyone who's belief's may sound a little one sided, such as eric and his Lyme theory. It's his opinion and belief, and he has every right to think what he wants to think, and if you don't agree with him, then just tell him (nicely), that you disagree and move-on. I have done the very same thing in the past and have just moved-on. It's no big deal and there's no reason anyone should feel that they shouldn't post anymore in fear of being laughed at or ridiculed.

what is a spect scan?

PostPosted: March 25th, 2004, 8:33 pm
by eric
a spect scan is a test of the ability of your brain to metabolize glucose, depending on what is going on it will show uptake of glucose and to what extent. also there is pet scans but they are much more expensive. uber I see that you chose to not have a lumbar test and I think you may want to reconsider. they can test for ms bands and they can also see alot from your spinal fluid. if you have certain key indicators of inflammation like elevated protein levels then they may try to find out what is by giving antibiotics or antivirus medications. the spect scan is a nuclear test but it does have very strong results that correlate with some type of brain dysfuntion. I always believed that they should do all the tests that you think that you need and then go over all of it afterwards it really makes sense because doctors dont want you to take to many tests or it may *beep* off the insurance carriers.
I would look for hidden inflamation and hopefully the puzzle will be solved.eric

PostPosted: March 26th, 2004, 4:47 am
by uber
I think protocol might be different in some other countries on what warrants a lumbar puncture or not. Here in the UK its been made very clear to me that a lumbar puncture is only used to CONFIRM a diagnosis of MS when observational signs, detailed history and MRI are pointing towards MS. Basically here they use Lumbar Puncture to help a diagnosis go from Probable MS to Definate MS.