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REMOVE the Focus!

PostPosted: May 7th, 2010, 7:16 pm
by aussie sufferer
Hi all, just an observation that I would like to share, that might help some. I have been thinking lately the my symptoms are less 'aggressive'. I have come to the conclusion that maybe they had?? Anyway last night while lying in bed, I really concentrated on where my twitches were( mostly those ones that you feel but do not see) And YES to my ( surprise surprise) they are absolutely EVERYWHERE. So they they have not gone away :( . BUT what I can say by removing the focus, has, in my mind, reduced the issue. ie I don't worry or think about them as much any more. So if you are able to do that, I think a long way towards dealing with all this. If the related health anxiety then goes into remission...then maybe the BFS eventually will! So my philosophy is NOT to let this consume you and certainly 'out of mind is certainly out of sight!'
good luck all!
Rodger :)