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Poor Circulation

PostPosted: January 15th, 2010, 4:48 pm
by puregamer1
Would Poor Circulation to the legs make your feet/toes hurt when walking and bending them as walking? I read up on that when toes hurt while walking can be Circulation problems.

I am also wondering if that is what could be causing some of these leg twitching.
As I walk, within seconds of walking my toes hurt really bad each step I take, one I stop moving, no pain, sit down, no pain, walk, PAIN!
When I stretch my big toe up, it hurts on the bottom of it where I've been twitching for 2 weeks straight. and my biggest "poor circulation" concern is
if I dont bend my toes or move my feet after a few minutes, they get stiff and bending them cause them to crack loudly, haha feels pretty good afterwards.
My big toe cracks EVERY TIME I bend it, so bending it over and over again, you hear pops, loudly.

Heck, I've hurt my toes so much these past few months/year, could be a fracture somewhere in there.
but as I walk, I feel tightness in my calf and pain in my feet, as well has white indents when I push on the skin around my ankles.