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Muscle burn feeling

PostPosted: December 9th, 2003, 1:05 pm
by Florian
Sorry, again its me and again i hope for an answer....

Is there anyone who knows what iam talking about?
Just the feeling as if you have made a lot of repetitions by exercise.
No weakness, more fatique with burn feeling in some muscles.



PostPosted: December 9th, 2003, 5:31 pm
by garym

I have the exact same symptoms. I'm just starting to get used to it.

Good luck,

PostPosted: December 9th, 2003, 5:50 pm
by Jenn311
Ich hab' es auch! :cry:


PostPosted: December 10th, 2003, 8:19 pm
by uber
yeah i get muscle twitches are about 100 times worse after any exercise.

PostPosted: December 14th, 2003, 6:42 am
by Florian
Oh, iam sorry for you but its good to now also that iam not alone with this stuff :roll:

I hope we all will forget it soon and it goes away.
@uber, same like me, after exercise twitching will dobble up.
@Jen, your german is perfect :P

Nice sunday to all and thanks for the answers,


PostPosted: December 14th, 2003, 6:43 am
by Florian
I forget, in which bodyparts you get this feelings?