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Home treatment for annoying twitches

PostPosted: November 13th, 2003, 9:42 pm
by KSB
Hi, I do not think I have a serious case of BFS, but I do twitch some everyday. It has been a lot worse at other times than it is now. I wanted to share my home treatment for particularly annoying twitches... I turn on one of those personal massagers that they sell in Walmart (small, battery operated) and say to my twitching thumb 'TWITCH THIS!!!' I rub the area with the massager for less than a minute and on numerous occasions this has really worked. Once I had an eye twitch that lasted a week until I zapped it with the massager. That was the first time I tried it and the eye twitch stopped almost immediately. Since then it has worked on my hand and my arm. Has anyone else tried this?

PostPosted: November 14th, 2003, 4:24 am
by sarahtonin
No, sounds interesting though I would be slightly cautious about sticking a massager in my eye - be careful you don't blind yourself :wink: