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Re: Numbness

PostPosted: November 11th, 2008, 1:43 am
by ncguy1987
Zak2000 wrote:
PregnantNHappy wrote:Yep..I curl my wrists towards me when I sleep and always wake up with tingling. As I believe Tom said sounds like Carpal Tunnel or just cut off blood supply. Nothing serious. As long as you can shake it off and it goes away. You seirously cant tell me you know your hands every move in your sleep at night so dont freak out. Again its another one of those things you probably dont just want to throw in the bfs box but just "something that happens".


Hey!!! That happens to me too!!! My doc gave me a NVC and said I have damaged nerves in wrist. Sometimes I wake up and I my hands are a little numb. I always think, "is there going to be one morning when the hands are going to stay numb". Havent gotten to that point yet. I actually tried wrist support braces, but I found them uber annoying and actually woke up with one hand feeling worse with the brace. So i ditched the brace.

Now, its funny because I turned the carpel tunnel into another [email protected]@ symptom by rationalizing to myself that this was a sign my nerves were screwed up. Nevermind the EMGs they did on the same hands were normal. Also, that sensory nerves and motor nerves are different. They are, right? Add that to feeling all over twitching and have some throat troubles and linking the two. The two prolly dont have a thing to do with other.

Yea man... sensory nerves and motor nerves are just like I-85 (or I-40 or I-77 I'm guessing you're from NC because of the picture)... one nerve (sensory) is where traffic going to the brain goes, and the other (motor) is where traffic coming from the brain goes... they're one way roads..and one way only!

Re: Numbness

PostPosted: January 14th, 2014, 3:28 am
by Watereddown
So weird this to happens to me! Both hands little pinky and ring finger. Almost every single morning. But as soon as i rub my hands together or stretch out my elbows, the numbness almost instantly goes away. Once again sorry for the bump, but I just find it bizarre that other people on these forums experienced symptoms that i thought only I experienced. Whenever i bring this up to my neuro's they dismiss it, saying numbness that can be explained when it goes away (decompressing the ulnar nerve) is nothing to be worried about. But this never happened to me before my BFS started. Another piece to the puzzle i assume.

Any of the people active on the forums nowadays have this sensation as well? Or am i the only one of the newbies who has it? It would be nice if the OP was still around and can comment on this. Im no longer worried about this just curious is all.

Re: Numbness

PostPosted: January 14th, 2014, 7:53 am
by Yuliasir
it is normal for BFS. You had it before too just now you may notice that. And yes, the casue is compression of ulnar nerve. Plus our nerves become more sensitive to pressure, cold and other effects.
this is very, extremely annoyibg symptom, and what I did few weeks ago - i just purchased so called breastfeeding pillow - body-size u-fom pillow ans started to sleep in it like in a kind of nest despite on my husband's amazement.

I may say I almost forgot about numbness in my hands and laso ceased to have pain in my right lower back

Re: Numbness

PostPosted: January 14th, 2014, 12:56 pm
by Watereddown

After having the numbness in my hands seemingly come up out of nowhere, I was a little worried. However, after going through it for a while now, I no longer give it much thought anymore. Just find it really interesting that other people seem to have the same symptoms that I thought only i had. So there is relief there.