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Shaking \ vibrating \ trembling

PostPosted: September 9th, 2008, 3:10 am
by angusglover
Well I have had these symptoms now since Nov 2007. Last night, I lay down in bed...and it felt like every muscle in my body went mad. It wasn't just my legs, or arms, but my chest, stomach, even my bum!! It wasn't what I would call twitching, more like deep internal shakes \ tremors \ vibrations \ flutters..whatever you could call them. It was very widespread and very distressing!

When I woke up, my legs were like lead and I had deep muscle pain in my hips, thighs etc....

Not sure if anyone else has had this, but with the slightest exertion, I get breathless. It is like I need to take a deep breath jsut to catch my breath. I also find myself yawning a lot just to catch my breath!!!

If I was a horse, I reckon they would shoot me but I need to know what's going on!!!