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Relieving symptoms of BFS??

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2002, 6:46 pm
by Nole
:lol: Hello all, I am so glad to see there are others who are living with the same feelings I am having. I am a 26 year old woman who has started to have symptoms of bfs in May of 2002. By July the twitching had gotten really bad and quite frequent so I went to my doctor and had blood work and he told me everything was normal and I am an extremly healthy woman. He suspected stress had something to do with the twitches and said I may be suffering from Restless Leg syndrome. Since then my symptoms have decreased quite abit, but so has my stress levels. I am the type of person that stresses easily and suffers with mild anxiety at times. From reading many of these posts I see this is common in bfs sufferers. I also got myself all worked up thinking I had als or ms, and symptoms got worse at that time. I have not seen a neuro because my doctor sees no reason to, I have no weakness, and am a very physically active woman and am in perfect health. Although at times I still worry it may be something more serious, I realize reading this site that this is also very common of all of us. Through the summer my symptoms have gotten better and I have been exercising more frequently with no problems. I have started taking a multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement and think they have helped. I have been sleeping much better. My doctor also recommended yoga( I have yet to try this) Some days are better than others, twitches are worse when I am tired, stressed out, or have pms. I stay away from caffiene and any other stimulants. I only really notice the twitching when I am resting which makes it hard to relax. Just wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions of relieving bfs. Hope to hear from you and I am looking forward to a healthy life together. This site has already made me feel better.

PostPosted: September 3rd, 2002, 7:29 pm
by charlene
I will do my best to describe what clonus is for those who were interested but if you have not experienced it, it will probally be hard to identify with. Clonus was observed in my ankles during several of my exams. The doctors look for clonus if your reflexes are abnormal (hyperreflexia). It occurs when the foot is briskly jerked upwards at the ankle. A normal responce to this would be for your foot to return to it's position when released. In clonus the foot responds with rapid uncontrolled rhythmic oscillations(up and down movement)....sorry I don't know how to describe it any better. If this has happened to you, you will most certainly understand what I mean. Ankle clonus can be found in diseases of the upper motor neurons such as MS. I had many tests in order to rule out all the nasty diseases and was told that there was no explanation for it.... and so it goes with BFS. SoJersymom, I have not experienced the sensation of water splashing but my brother who also has the bizarre symptoms of BFS has told me he has felt water "running" or "dripping" down his legs. I hope this has helped.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2002, 12:56 pm
by Nigel555
HI all

I also get these like little shocks in my hands and feet but since finding this wonderful site I now know they are just normal and nothing to worry about, as it seems I have BFS to

Well since finding this site and all the support there is here a few days ago, I have had my first few nights of sleep for a long long time and I feel so much better for it now knowing I don't have something bad happening to me

so I just want to thank everyone especially Arron for there support

best wishes Nigel :lol:

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2002, 9:00 pm
by Debbs
Hi ya Nigel, Im so pleased to hear you are sleeping better thats great news. I know how you feel, its the most comforting thing to know others are going thru the same benign symptoms that you are....Best wishes


PostPosted: January 7th, 2003, 12:18 pm
by DogBone
I have the buzzing/vibrations in my left leg and left arm. So, of course I must have ALS as it is asymetrical? Wrong. I also found a site where a PALS said some lame 1 sentence about buzzing legs. I FREAKED OUT. I find it funny that after hours and hours of searching for buzzing and vibrating on the web, I find one post with one sentence about this that relates to ALS and I completely buy into it. However, there are probably a hundred people on this site complaining of the same problems, and I doubt whether I have BFS. Very interesting.

tremors & vibrations

PostPosted: January 7th, 2003, 7:31 pm
by kim
Hi all!

I get buzzing and vibrations too! Mostly in my right thumb, but Iv'e felt them in my legs and arms too! I really think a lot of these sensations have been there all along, I am just soooo much more sensative to my inner workings these days. Now if I could find a way to desensatize myself......that would be a neat trick!



PostPosted: January 7th, 2003, 10:46 pm
by Davidd

I'm not sure whether they really have been there all along or not, but I was wondering if they sometimes go away or is it pretty much 24/7? Sometimes when you're not thinking about you may not even "feel" it even though it is really there.


PostPosted: January 9th, 2003, 1:32 pm
by kim

The buzzing definiately comes and goes. But I am certain I never noticed it before my bfs started. Don't know if they were always with me or not, or if I never noticed or cared before????


PostPosted: January 9th, 2003, 3:55 pm
by DogBone
These buzzings/vibrations are very aggravating and I find a lot of comfort in the fact that all of you have them as well. Although, I am sorry that you have to suffer the stress of it. Notice that when you go to the neuro and tell him that you are "buzzing/vibrating" they all look at you like you are from a different planet. However, when you look at the number of times that people have updated and looked at this post you realize the people with BFS have buzzing/vibrations quite commonly. It is rather reassuring.

PostPosted: February 17th, 2003, 5:52 pm
by izzie
I am new to the site and it is so comforting to know that I am not alone wi my symptoms. I have had the vibration like sensationand a sensation of water running down my leg, weird. Has anyone had a prickely or semsation of crawling under the skin. This is my most persistent symptom. I have not found any effective remedies.
I just thank God I found you all


PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 1:22 pm
by Carolyn4
Ha, I have to chuckle because my husband thought I was crazy when I said it felt like someone was vacuuming in my uterus. It had to be one of those vibrations you all are talking about! It made its way through all of my *ahem* female parts over two days and then it was gone. (Someone thought I needed a good vacuuming I guess...hehehehe!

PostPosted: May 17th, 2003, 12:30 am
by stardust
That is sooo funny!!(vacuming uterus) I know how you feel though. You should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him my butt was vibrating. Later I realized that what I was feeling was my tailbone buzzing. That has gone away and now I will get a buzzing sensation in my left thigh. It's very soft though and I don't always notice it.

PostPosted: May 17th, 2003, 12:31 am
by stardust
That is sooo funny!!(vacuming uterus) I know how you feel though. You should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him my butt was vibrating. Later I realized that what I was feeling was my tailbone buzzing. That has gone away and now I will get a buzzing sensation in my left thigh. It's very soft though and I don't always notice it.


PostPosted: May 17th, 2003, 2:51 am
Yup, look back at some old post we have tremors, they was just recently one of my questions. I beleive the more upset I get the more my hands tremor. When I exercise to hard towards the end my legs and arms will get shaky. If you look through the old posts you will find several people have had tremors or shakes.