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Fascics and Tremors All Over - Anyone have similar symptoms?

PostPosted: October 17th, 2003, 11:20 am
by solarisle
I started noticing minor and intermittent fascics in my calves a little over 3 years ago. Over about a year they became continuous so that when I look at my calves, it's like waves under my skin. Anyone can see them. It then move up to my thighs and arms. Now I have them in my back, right eye lid, and in my forearms and hands. I went to a new Neuro whos is running tests. He inpected m mouth and said I have them in my tongue! Has anyone else expereinced this kind of progression and similar symptoms?

The fascics are non-stop and the "tremors" are like shots that are in my arms and parts of my thighs. I think they are in the larger muscle groups.

PostPosted: October 17th, 2003, 4:11 pm
by Floater
yes ...bfs

PostPosted: October 26th, 2003, 9:31 pm
by vessel
ha ha...... you must be new here...... yes, pretty much everyone on this board has the same symptoms. Actually, your symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine.....

My symptoms, too

PostPosted: February 24th, 2004, 1:51 pm
by mbillips
Man, I wish I'd found BFS when I googled twitches a week ago. ALS is bad enough, but my first hit was for Huntington's Disease (what Woody Guthrie died of). That one takes your personality first, then your mind. It's genetic, but I don't know my dad's birth father's family history, so I couldn't totally rule it out.

Then I read up on ALS and about died of fright. THEN I found out about BFS. I'm still waiting to see a neurologist two months from now, but I don't have any weakness or Parkinson-like stuff, so I'm pretty optimistic. It helps that my GP put me on an antidepressant/antianxiety drug; I have chronic generalized anxiety even without ALS worry.

My first twitch was in my chin (gone now), then my arms, now pretty much all over from toes to shoulders, except my chin (a little quivering in my lips). Some larger movements today in my torso and shoulders. My stress is through the roof, though, so I expect to have to deal with this crap for awhile. Could be worse (that might be the antidepressant talking).

The Lexapro (I think) makes my hands sweat, and I get a burning sensation down my hands and forearms when I get a fear surge.