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This May Help Ease Your Symptoms

PostPosted: August 13th, 2008, 12:13 pm
by ImOK
Many bcfs sufferers have noticed that some foods & drinks irritate their condition and increase the quantity and strength of their symptoms. I've also been looking for a way to explain why my symptoms vary so much. Being the persistent type, I've been pestering people (& my allergist) with this idea and ended up trying a low histamine/tyramine diet. It doesn't cure, but it helps me; my symptoms decrease enough so that I can get by with less medication and I sleep better. :o I also am a little more clear-headed - maybe because some of the pain is gone so the bcfs is just more manageable.

This diet is the same as the migraine headache diet - see ... he_-_Foods
although there are a lot of other sites, I chose this one because it linked from NIH so is not based on selling you stuff.

I asked my allergist why she thinks this decreases my spasms & fasics and she said that the high histamine and tyramine foods and drinks are basically toxins and that probably, with my condition (bcfs/pnhe) it is just too much stress on my system. Most people can tolerate and clear these toxins but a pre-existing condition leaves you more vulnerable; it becomes just another stress like an emotional, physical, or immunological stress. She also suggested that I see a rheumatologist - anybody tried that route?

It is a difficult diet to stay on initially, but not impossible. Worse offenders are aged, fermented, pickled, and pre-cooked foods but a few vegies also are high histamine (tomatoes, eggplants, both from the nightshade family). It takes me at least 2 days of being pretty strict to see results; then I can slide a little from time to time without suffering much but if I go overboard (spaghetti sauce, olives, red wine, aged parmesan) I'll feel it in hours. If you need any specific tips I don't mind telling you what has worked/not worked for me. I'm sure much of this is variable by individual even if it does work for you.

Let me know if it helps you also. :)