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Not having a good day...

PostPosted: June 18th, 2008, 4:32 am
by angusglover
For some time now, I have been convinced that *** was ruled out as a diagnosis for all of my symptoms. Now I am not so sure.....

When I stand, I can feel myself wobbling a little and the muscles in my calves tighten to straighten me up. My muscles get sore when I stand for very long.
I have a feeling of weakness in my arms and shoulders, my legs feel weak and so do my hands. My hands feel a bit sore and when I clench my fist, it feels like a burning sensation.

I don't really feel like twitching very much at all now, more of a really fast tic in my arms and hands and what feels like muscles "fluttering" in my legs and pelvis.

I find that I have been testing myself and when I try to lift anything slightly heavy, the muscles shake and judder.

I seem to have gone back about 30 steps this last week as I was doing so well.

I have neuro appt on 7th July. I had MRI about 2 -3 months ago and neuro said all was clear. I have not had EMG but I will insist on one next.

Now I am back on the *** train... ;-(((((