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Exercise and BFS

PostPosted: September 19th, 2003, 11:05 am
by Greata
Do any of you notice increased twitching {all over body} after exercising? I tend to work out pretty hard {like 2 hours a day} and can not determine if this makes the condition worse. My Neurologist says I am OK..normal EMG, reflex and strength. I woke up with this on 8/3/03 and it has not stoppped, except for a couple of days last week. I am going crazy and everyone thinks it is in my head. Are there vitamins or minerals shown to help this condition? I appreciate any help. :?: thanks.....

You're Working Out Tooooo Long!

PostPosted: September 29th, 2003, 2:09 pm
by seamus151
You should never work out longer than 60 minutes and 45 minutes is more ideal. When you work out past the 60 minute mark your body relases the stress hormone; Cortisol. Which is released in the body during stressed or agitated states. When you exercise for more than 60 minutes you create excessive Cortisol in your body. This leads to various physical symptoms and disease states. Which is probably aggravating your BFS or just plain exhausting your muscles. Make sure as soon as you complete your workout to take in protein. The best way is to have a protein shake or bar waiting for you when you finish your routine. Don't wait any longer than 30 minutes to consume your post workout protein meal. Your body needs it after you stressed it for 45-60 minutes to repair itself. Also, try taking a 500-1000mg vitamin C supplement one hour prior to working out. Vitamin C is a known anti-oxidant that controls and minimizes the release of Cortisol. Hope this helps and keep me posted!


PostPosted: September 29th, 2003, 3:16 pm
by Greata

Thanks for the input. I will try to follow your suggestions. I do have a weird question though...Are fasciculations visible or not or both? Yesterday the top of my foot twiched for 14 hours and it was non visible. Believe me I was looking. Do you ever experience vibrations or quick twitches that are not visible to the eye? I have also felt that worm crawling under the skin like sensation, which is not pleasant. I guess I am trying to learn by comparison. Except for occasionally on my calves, my twitches are head to toe and non visible. Is this normal BFS?

Thanks for your help.


PostPosted: September 29th, 2003, 4:58 pm
by garym
I think it is normal for twitches to be either visible or not. Mine however are visible and sometime i wish they weren't.

good luck and try not to worry ( i know how hard it is not to).

I Have Both Also

PostPosted: September 30th, 2003, 7:04 am
by seamus151
Somtimes you see them....sometimes you don't. Strange thing this BFS. It used to really, really bug me but after almost two years I don't even notice them sometimes...except for the ones I get in my back. Those still get to me! :evil:


calves REALLY twitch after cycling

PostPosted: October 7th, 2003, 7:32 am
by scaredtom

I guess we all saw the "scary"post yesterday. Got me a bit worked up again. One comment I have is that my primary fasciculators, my calves, really go nuts after my cycling exercise. I observed this again this past Sunday. Did only a 13 mile ride (a hard one though) and the calves were really at it afterwards. The other symptom that is bugging me these days is the feeling of, well not quite pain, but maybe soreness in my calves. It feels as if they've been worked really hard and have a post-exercise pain in them. And they haven't been exercised, other than their stupid fasciculations.

Finally, I wonder about how many people suffer with this problem. I certainly don't talk about it to my work associates or friends. But since there's this site and all our postings, it makes me think that it's not such a rare problem.

Now, really finally, I also wonder how many people with bfs have it really go away. I know....if we stop worrying, it will fade. Tough to make that happen. I also think that when it does fade, we will simply stop looking at this site and will probably never check back in to report on our status. The reason we keep checking here every day is because we're most likely obsessed with our symptoms.

Sorry for the rambling! Have a great day!