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Is it common?

PostPosted: September 9th, 2003, 6:23 am
by Pole
I wonder if many of you have twitches while your muscle is not totally relaxed. For example when you stand or sit in the way that your legs are not fully relaxed.
I sometimes feel rhythmic twitches while standing (in thights) or while sitting (on the outside of calves).

Anybody with the same type of twitching?


PostPosted: September 9th, 2003, 7:34 am
by Jenn311
Hwy Marcin...

Not all the muscles in your thighs are in use while you are standing, and that goes for other activities with other limbs as well. One is contracted while you are standing, another is used to bend your leg, etc. So my guess would be that it is in the muscle not being used. But I could be wrong! Only you can tell that!


PostPosted: September 9th, 2003, 9:29 am
by garym

I've noticed that when i'm standing, the part of my calf that isn't necessarily flexed will twitch. So I think we are talking about the same thing. It worried me a little, but I decided to let it go. I just keep telling myself what the dr. already has said, I don't have [email protected]!.


PostPosted: September 12th, 2003, 9:14 am
by osbormd
It is normal for some of us with BFS. I have this too. In fact, if I slightly flex my calf, I notice a bunch of little rythmic twitches on the surface.

I brought it up to my local Neuro and my Mayo Clinic Neuro, and they don't pay any attention to it.


PostPosted: September 15th, 2003, 2:31 am
by Pole
Thanks for replies

Osmormd, I know what you mean, I noticed exactly the same in my calves (both). It's ripling, wavy looking movement on the surface of muscle.

But in my original post I meant something else - rhythmic (like pulsation), quite strong muscle twitching (3 or 4 during one serie) just after flexing and relexing muscles or when I stand or sit with not 100% relaxed muscles.
I think that this is exactly what is called "contraction fasciculations".