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PostPosted: October 2nd, 2002, 1:28 pm
by Davey
Has anyone tried taking creatine for their BFS? What was your experience?

I've come across some interesting medical research that suggests creatine might help with various neuromuscular and neurological disorders, including ALS, Huntington's disease, MS, etc.


PostPosted: October 16th, 2002, 10:24 pm
by Debbs

Thankyou for sharing that site with us all, I found it to be very interesting too, much appreciated.


Acetly L - Carnitine

PostPosted: October 17th, 2002, 3:11 pm
by DaveKD
I saw a similar write up on Acetly L-Carnitine being helpful for a wide variety of neuromuscular symptoms both for provention and for relieving symptoms.( I will try to track down the article and post it) It is important to note that this is different from regular L-Carnitine(I had never heard of either before the article). I have seen regular L-Carnitine at my local health food store, but the Acetly L-Carnitine is not alsways stocked, but you can order it online. Has anyone used it? Because it is not a typical supplement I have been hesitant to take it.

Creatine update

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 2:35 pm
by Davey
Okay. I've been taking creatine for about 3 weeks now. Update time! :)

I'm still twitching a lot, but my muscles aren't as sore and I recover faster after exercise, which is an improvement.

After jogging three miles, I used to need 2 to 3 days off. Now I only need one day off. I also have started weight lifting again, but it is too early to tell.

A word of caution to those thinking of taking creatine monohydrate powder!!! :!: It is a diuretic, so you will need to drink more fluids to avoid dehydration. And since dehydration causes changes in the electrolyte balance of the body, more twitching can result. So, drink lots of fluids!!! :wink:

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 2:38 pm
by Arron
I'd rather skip the funny powdered stuff and just drink lots of beer! You don't even notice those little twitches once you've had a few beers. Maybe that's it!! Drink beer to get rid of those twitches! yeah, that's it... I think I'll go have one now. It's 5:30 somewhere in the world, right? :wink:

I think beer is a diruetic too because the more I drink ( to keep from getting dehydrated) the more I have to go... uh.. :oops: well you know...

PostPosted: November 5th, 2002, 3:53 pm
by quizhost
I took creatine powder for a few days last week and noticed that the usual fatigue after a normal day of twitching had gone which felt great - the only problem was that my stomach ended up in knots....a common complaint from powder users

I checked out a few articles on creatine and it appears creatine serum or gum is the way to go if you are considering this supplement (more expensive however) - I visited my health store today to investigate but discovered that despite good sales, they were no longer stocking many creatine products due to lack of long term research - which is understandable - I bought a product called Betagen which is a mixture of creatine and other bits n bobs - I'll see how that goes

I should point out that I'm not taking this product for BFS purposes but for sport (I'll take it before each match - not loading) - but the reduction in fatigue from the creatine powder was interesting and hopefully I'll experience the same with Betagen